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Who We Are

Doha Fellowship is an autonomous, non-denominational, eldership led local church. We are a biblical, New Testament church in function and structure. We have a relationship with likeminded churches around the world for accountability, input and friendship. From the local church we send teams into countries to strengthen, encourage and equip churches.

The vision of the church is to be "An Oasis for All Nations".  A place of growth and refreshment in the Holy Spirit; where the body of Christ operates in love, obedience, power and knowledge of God.


Eldership Team

rob helette alex merlyn daveb elder
Rob & Helette Merlyn & Alex Dave & Barbara


jit sarah clif jomon sarah
Jit Clifton & Sarah Jomon & Sarah


kev nicole stanr elder fidelis claire
Kevin & Nicole Stanley & Rhoda Fidelis & Claire


jmk elder
Jon-Mark & Keren

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